You are Invited …

…  invited to upcoming regular LGNA business meeting on Tuesday, April 8 at Carver Rec Center.

Though we are done talking about snow, there are lots of other fun neighborhood activities to plan and discuss. The upcoming meeting will be held on Tues, April 8 from 7-8 pm Jeff. School City Center, Carver Rec, Lounge Rm, 233 4th St NW, Cville. Come early at 6:15 pm to help plan the spring picnic. – The spring picnic is scheduled for Saturday, May 3 from 2-4 PM and will hopefully be on Belleview Ave in the middle of the street. – Other business likely to be covered: sending postcards to the entire neighborhood, traffic problems on Belleview, upcoming meeting with Dominion Power, LGNA pets pictures on Facebook, and more.

St Patricks Day and snow all in the same month 10 day period!

St Patricks Day and snow all in the same month 10 day period!

Ding Ding Ding: Meeting on Tues, March 11

The meeting on Tuesday is at Garnett Mellen and Dave Hirschman’s house – 1107 Calhoun St from 7-8pm. (NOT AT THE JEFFERSON CITY CENTER as was mistakenly listed on a recent flyer.) 

Feb LGNA Meeting

The February 11 meeting will be hosted by Arlene and Marv at 7PM. Jean Zurley will give a brief presentation about CvilleVillage. Everyone welcome. For directions please call – phone 434.245-8926.

Snow Shovel Brigade

Don’t just look out the window, grab your shovel and join the LGNA Sidewalk Snow Shovel Brigade. Help your neighbors especially the old and sick. Send pictures of your accomplishments to Get yourself and the people who resides in the house in the photo. I’ll post them here and on Facebook.

I admit I’m not doing such a great job getting a fleet together. My family is about all I can handle just right now. If someone would like to be a coordinator please contact me. If you just want to be a worker in the brigade that is fine too. Call or email  - 295-0309 or snow shoveler

Jan at Arlene’s

Join the LGNA discussion at the Jan LGNA Meeting on Tuesday, January 14 at 7 PM at Arlene’s house. Eveyone welcome.
Location: Arlene Duncanson-Taylor and Marvin Welborn, 1213 Belleview Ave, Charlottesville, VA 22901

Brief Report

The Annual LGNA Meeting was held last week. Bob Fenwick, councilor in waiting, joined us. There were several new faces present. An NDS C’ville grant reward of approx $4000 was announced. The money will go toward LGNA mailings in 2014. Committees formed: 1) Transportation/Traffic, 2) N’hood Beautification/Identification and 3) Picnics and Social Events.

Elected 2014 LGNA officers:

  • Garnett Mellen – President
  • Ingrid Thomson – Secretary
  • John Potter – Treasurer
  • Ken Scobie – Dean of the Web

Send 2014 dues C/O Treasurer John Potter, 1208 Bland Circle, C’ville 22901: $10 per family. $8 for an individual. When you send dues include your email address. Dues helps pay for picnic supplies and printing.

The next LGNA meeting second Tuesday of December – Tuesday, December 10 from 7-8 PM. Meet at 1107 Calhoun.
Regards, Garnett

Annual All-Neighborhors Meeting

Here’s an opportunity to visit and talk about neighborly pursuits
You are invite, so please come, for the . . .
. . . Annual LGNA Meeting 
Tuesday, November 12 at 7 PM
Where: Jefferson School City Center, Carver Rec Center, 233 4th ST

Who is invited: All residents and property owners.
We’ll visit and  have a brainstorming session – how to improve, celebrate, have fun and fix problems associated with our neighborhood.stock-vector-tree-of-sociology-people-icon-76395937

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