Hazardous waste amnesty day coming up soon!!!

“Fall 2015 – Household Hazardous Waste Collections Days”. It happens this weekend: Fri Oct 2nd 2-6 pm and Sat Oct 3rd 9-2pm at the Ivy Material Utilization Center. Check out “www.rswa.avenue.org/household.htm“.

Dangerous reactions are possible when hazardous materials are combined, so never mix used motor…

Send in your drawing of river life (plant or animal or fish or…) this week!

To all Locust Grove families, adults and children alike!

Let’s add some life now to the amazing river mural we all painted this past weekend at Northeast Park!
I invite you to take some time this week and you and or your child:
draw a picture of one thing to add to the mural! Then please send me the drawing, be it a fish, or beaver or fox or cardinal or bamboo or ??? ….Whatever lives in/near our neighborhood river and we will paint them onto the mural.

The following colors are the one we will be using:

dark red,
dark blue
dark brown
dark green

Please send it via email to me this week: cjfmoms@gmail.com .
Questions? ask away by email cjfmoms@gmail.com! Tell your neighbors to send their drawings too!


Locust Grove Mural event a success!! “Paint Our ‘Hood Alive” community building art project in Northeast Park comes alive!

Here is the video news clip from NBC29 news! Better yet go the park and see it for yourself… Enjoy!

click on this link below and watch the mural painting event in progress!!


River Mural and Potluck Picnic ahead! Prep help needed ahead of the River mural event

PAINT OUR ‘HOOD ALIVE! River mural is finally happening July 18th  (july 25th rain date) !!!

Come paint a neighborhood river mural on the asphalt at Northeast Park at 10:00, before the picnic! Local muralist Chicho will be there to help us as well.
Help is needed, to clean the surface a day or two before the event also. Contact Cynthia at cjfmoms@ gmail.com (for the times for prep help or for more info).

its getting closer to the big day!!! Neighborhood POTLUCK PICNIC and MURAL PAINTING!!

Everyone in the Locust Grove Neighborhood is invited to Northeast Park July 18th for our annual POTLUCK PICNIC at 12:00! Come one come all! (raindate is July 25th) Bring a dish to share and a folding/lawn chair.

The Locust Grove MURAL PROJECT “Paint Our ‘hood Alive!”:is a neighborhood mural painting event* of our nearby river.  It will be created on the pavement at Northeast Park.  All are welcome to participate the day of the picnic beginning at 10 am. (wear your paint clothes!) Raindate: July 25th.

All ages welcome to participate!  Talented local muralist Chicho is also joining the fun with his expertise. Get involved in the planning fun also by emailing Cynthia Jordan Fisher atcjfmoms@gmail.com.

* through a grant by the City of Charlottesville​

Locust Grove Mural project: “Paint Our ‘hood Alive!” and Neighborhood annual Picnic~July 18th!! Welcome all!

Everyone in the Locust Grove Neighborhood is invited to Northeast Park July 18th for our annual picnic gathering! Come one come all! (raindate is July 25th) Bring a dish to share and a folding/lawn chair.

The Locust Grove Mural Project “Paint Our ‘hood Alive!” : a neighborhood mural painting project* of the Rivanna river,  to be created on the pavement at Northeast Park.  All are welcome to participate the day of the picnic beginning at 9 am. (wear your paint clothes!)  All ages welcome to participate!  Talented local muralist Chicho is also joining the fun. Get involved in the planning fun by emailing Cynthia Jordan Fisher at cjfmoms@gmail.com.

* through a grant by the City of Charlottesville

Paint Our “hood alive mural project at Northeast Park Organizational Meeting 5/24

Organizing meeting for the River Mural in Northeast Park!
Come share ideas and find ways to volunteer with the upcoming mural project. We will all be meeting Sunday, May 24th, from 3 to 5pm at 945 Locust Lane. Come anytime during that time or email Cynthia letting her know your interests in helping at cjfmoms@gmail.com.


Locust Grove Neighborhood Summer River Mural Painting Update!

Hello Locust Grove neighbors!

The River Mural Project dates noted through yellow fliers sent to your door recently and also described on the LGNA website and FB has been changed due to the City repair work in June on the Northeast Park footbridge. The new dates are JULY 18th and 19th with a rain date of JULY 25th and 26th! Mark you calendars and contact Cynthia (me!) about ways to get involved TODAY in this neighborhood wide project for all ages!  We will all be painting a mural over 100 feet long, of our beloved neighborhood Meadowcreek and Rivanna River.  Come join the fun and paint or cheer on the painters in YOUR family!

Call me at 434 960 7077 or email me at cjfmoms@gmail.com.

The Locust Grove Neighborhood Meeting will be this Thurs, Apr 9, @ 1214 Belleview Ave, 7-8 pm. Come one and come all.

Get connected TODAY with your neighborhood community here in Locust Grove!

The Locust Grove Neighborhood Association (LGNA) is hoping to get everyone in the neighborhood’s contact info, either email or phone no. so you can be in the loop about what’s happening in your neighborhood. (strictly private never for solicitations). This could be picnics, yard sales, house sales/rentals, community projects, etc. An email would be sent once a month at the most. It could also be to alert your household about a break in or something similar. There are two additional ways :

check out and “LIKE” our FaceBook page: Locust Grove Neighborhood Association

or visit right here where you are regularly,  our neighborhood website!

Do also take a moment to send your contact info to the LGNA secretary, Vicky Lee, at v.lee23@gmail.com or call Cynthia at 434 960 7077 and tell her or leave a message. Then you will get neighborhood updates straight to your inbox ( roughly once a month, not all the time!).

Many thanks!!!

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