Brief Report

The Annual LGNA Meeting was held last week. Bob Fenwick, councilor in waiting, joined us. There were several new faces present. An NDS C’ville grant reward of approx $4000 was announced. The money will go toward LGNA mailings in 2014. Committees formed: 1) Transportation/Traffic, 2) N’hood Beautification/Identification and 3) Picnics and Social Events.

Elected 2014 LGNA officers:

  • Garnett Mellen – President
  • Ingrid Thomson – Secretary
  • John Potter – Treasurer
  • Ken Scobie – Dean of the Web

Send 2014 dues C/O Treasurer John Potter, 1208 Bland Circle, C’ville 22901: $10 per family. $8 for an individual. When you send dues include your email address. Dues helps pay for picnic supplies and printing.

The next LGNA meeting second Tuesday of December – Tuesday, December 10 from 7-8 PM. Meet at 1107 Calhoun.
Regards, Garnett


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